Monday, September 17, 2018

Bee Science field in Hadley Surveyed

On Friday we had our surveyors out at the Hadley field to mark the boundaries of the future Bee Science Farm in Hadley.  Over 7 acres were marked out, and even though there are corn and potatoes growing, it is clear that many native and domesticated bees are visiting the various existing wildflowers and weeds. The North side of the farm is located next to a busy road, but is well shielded by a stream and a lot of overgrown bittersweet - some that we intend to remove to try to save the trees being choked by that invasive vine.  Along the road there were numerous honeybees already present, though we don't know the location(s) of any local hives.

The day was partly overcast and not too hot, so the work went smoothly and comfortably! We are thankful for the great job Surveyors Eaton & Associates of Hadley performed.

Were there any surprises? Yes! The property seems much bigger than we expected, probably because you cannot access the North end from the South due to the stream and the wetlands around the stream.

While we were there we were lucky to have a visit by Robert Nebdala of Nebdala Farm in Hadley. Robert and his family had taken care of this parcel of land for decades and we are grateful for their stewardship and Robert's recommendations of how we should over Winter the field so we will be prepared for Spring plantings of wildflowers, clovers, and other pollen and nectar producing plants.

Along the South line we had a lot more open space to deal with and also had a chance to use the compass to measure the Earth's magnetic field while the surveyors hunted for the markers, which they eventually found. If you click on the image you can see them in the background.

It was a great first day.

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  1. Eaton had previously surveyed that field about 20 years ago we found out. Pins on North and South boundaries were within a couple of inches of their map and the surveyors assured us that the deed description matched.


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