Sunday, September 9, 2018

BEE SCIENCE Project to look at tiny compasses in bees

Ashland, MA: September 9, 2018

Research organization Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc. today said it will explore the design and funding of a new research field in Hadley, MA to expand its environmental monitoring development work. The company performs research into acoustic (sound) and other physical phenomenons, including ways to track very small objects and small changes over wide areas. Soundwave is interested in using its extensive background in microphones and other pickup devices to better understand the routes taken by native and introduced bees, the effect of sun angles, and the natural magnetic field of Earth, which all are thought to alter bee foraging and navigation. It will also look into developing a better understanding of the tiny particles that have been found in the abdomens of some bees which are thought to help direct bees to and from the hive. "We worked to understand how very small structures, particles, pigments and chromophores affect living and nonliving systems" said Robert J Crowley, who runs much of the research. "The challenge today is finding a good way to track bee flight paths along magnetic North and South routes with few obstacles or other influences such as wind and sun angle, so you need an open space with a reasonably long North-South axis." he added.  Crowley feels it is urgent to understand how pollinating insects, such as bees, are affected by Earth's magnetic field, which changes over time and is currently undergoing significant changes. No login needed  - - LINK TO MORE ON FACEBOOK

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